About Us

Hello Friends, Welcome to our Dob Feast Media “Dob Feast“. This is Yashraj Chavan a professional Blogger, Youtuber, Digital Marketer & Entrepreneur. I love doing work which makes me happy, that’s why I love blogging and Youtubing. You will love exploring News & Fun on our blog. Live your dreams as much as you can because of a very best line in the Hindi language “Kal! Ho NA Ho”

All the best, Start building your dreams from “NOW”.

My other blogs:-

Currently, I am working on Two blogs one is you are on i.e Dobfeast.com other one is Prohindimehelp.com .

If I tell you in brief then:

  1. DobFeast.com: News, Fun, Trending Blog
  2. Prohindimehelp.com: Smartphone & Gadget review blog

I have some other blogs also that I made for business perspective only. I will tell you about them in the coming future.